Joanne Daschel

Project Description


Joanne Daschel has been creating mosaic art since 2011 in her Lincoln City studio. Her lifelong interest in the natural world and detailed aesthetic informs pieces that explore landscape, botany and food. She utilizes traditional tools and materials like natural stone, stained glass and the Italian mosaic glass, smalti, resulting in richly textured and vibrant wall art and window panels. Her work is exhibited at the Artists’ Co-op Gallery.  She also teaches mosaic to all skill levels at the Lincoln City Cultural Center.


My mosaic artwork creates a vivid, textural connection to nature.  I create mosaics with stained glass, stone and my favorite material: the mosaic glass of Venice known as smalti. This intensely colored material is hand-cut with the traditional tools of  hammer and hardie, is then placed directly onto the panel with no grout, for a dimensional effect.

For me, mosaic artwork represents permanence and tradition.  Works in this ancient medium, properly executed, have the potential to last for hundreds of years, including in outdoor and architectural applications.  The highly technical nature of the medium engages my left brain, which must play along with my right, creates pieces that are both functionally sound and aesthetically compelling.

The pieces of a mosaic are known as tesserae, and when they are placed in a thoughtful way the resulting “flow” is known as andamento.  Finding andamento is my constant quest.

I discovered the mosaic medium after decades of creating intricate landscapes in pen and ink. I Exhibit throughout the Northwest and have completed an artist residency at Glacier National Park. Much of my subject matter is drawn from the natural world of Oregon’s Pacific coast, where I live and work.

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