Lyle and Arlene Gowing

Lyle and Arlene Gowing


Lyle and Arlene owing manage the textile center at the Lincoln City Cultural Center. Lyle is a weaver and makes beautiful rugs from Pendleton wool selvages. Arlene is seen with her spinning wheel all around the area. They both give lessons in their art to benefit the Cultural Center.



Textile Studio, Studio 4, Lincoln City Cultural Center                                                          540 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR. 97367

The Lincoln City Cultural Center is on the East side of Hwy 101 in Lincoln City, just North of the D River.

Catherine Hingson

Cathrine Hingson


Catherine Hingson watercolor painter Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, Catherine developed an early love of nature and the outdoors. She paints large impressionistic Northwest landscapes. Her use of color is quite notable in her work no matter what medium she is using. She likes the free and easy way that watercolors mixed together and the textural effects that one can achieve when working in oil. As she has developed her art skills over the past 25 years, she has found great peace and satisfaction in painting the many beautiful scenes around her. Marine themes often show up in her work which can be viewed at her home in Depoe Bay Oregon or at the Artist’s Co-op Gallery in Lincoln City Oregon.

Nora Sherwood


Nora Sherwood Natural Science illustrator kingfisherNora’s curiosity about the natural world, and her deep desire for everyone to wake up and change our callous treatment of it, fuels her inspiration. It is an amazing planet, with tremendous species diversity, and so much yet to learn. To that end, Nora recently completed a professional certificate in Natural Science Illustration at the University of Washington, Seattle. She spends her time primarily illustrating species from the Oregon coast for commissions, as well as for her gallery practice.