Project Description


Since her first ceramics class in high school, Kimberly Ota found herself returning to clay in her free time via community art spaces. Kimberly moved to Lincoln City in 2016 with the opportunity to catch a glimpse into the art world via an administrative position at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. She was lucky to find a community of ceramicists at the clay studio in the Lincoln City Cultural Center, where she is now giving back a little by learning the ropes of running the studio as she continues to follow her curiosity in clay. Through ceramics, Kimberly explores the push and pull of control and letting go – pairing of clay molded by her hands with the somewhat uncontrollable decoration of woodfired kilns or anticipating the play between simply shaped vessels with natural materials arranged just so.


I was lucky to find clay in high school (hooray for art in public schools!) and kept coming back to it through the years via community art centers.  I am grateful for spaces of learning and creating – most recently, alongside artists participating in Ruri’s FuuKooGama woodfirings, Mudshark Studios, Pleasant Hill Pottery and the Lincoln City Cultural Center Clay Studio.
There is much to love about working in clay.
The feel and sounds of clay in hands…  Squish. Smoosh. Smooth. Squelch. Splat.  Oops.  Scrape.
The beauty of lines and shapes… Light glowing through porcelain. Drips and movement of glazes. Flowers flowing from vases.
The wonder  of transformation… Mud becomes a vessel. Wood turns to ash glaze. Intention takes form.

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