Joanne Daschel



Joanne Daschel has been creating mosaic art since 2011 in her Lincoln City studio. Her lifelong interest in the natural world and detailed aesthetic informs pieces that explore landscape, botany and food. She utilizes traditional tools and materials like natural stone, stained glass and the Italian mosaic glass, smalti, resulting in richly textured and vibrant wall art and window panels. Her work is exhibited at the Artists’ Co-op Gallery and she teaches mosaic to all skill levels.

Mosaic Studio, Lincoln City Cultural Center                                                                         540 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR. 97367

The Lincoln City Cultural Center is on the East side of Hwy 101 in Lincoln City, just North of the D River

Katia Kyte



IKatia Kyte artirt oit painter stilllife always wanted to be an artist. When I finally had an opportunity to paint full time, I found out that it wasn’t easy. Painting can be joyful when it goes right and a great frustration when it doesn’t. I learned that “for improving painting skills, it is far better to paint thirty one-hour paintings than one thirty-hour painting”(Craig Nelson).
I live in a small coastal town called Lincoln City in Oregon, USA with my daughter Sasha.

Julie Fiedler




Julie Fiedler is a ceramics artist and custom tile painter whose work reflects the strange beauty of the natural world. Julie is also the director of St. James Santiago School, a small arts and science K-6th grade private school in Lincoln City.



Clay Studio, Studio 3, Lincoln City Cultural Center                                                              540 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR. 97367

The Lincoln City Cultural Center is on the East side of Hwy 101 in Lincoln City, just North of the D River.

Sam Jacobson



 Lincoln City Cultural Center is located at 540 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City Oregon 97367 or contact us by phone 541-994-9994 For Sam Jacobson, clay is for play and art is for everyday. Her ceramic creations find inspiration in the elegant curves of Art Deco and soothing coastal moods, as well as the uplifting and whimsical use of color. Her works include teapots, vases, bowls, sculptures, dog or cat masks, and more.


Buzz Williams and Kyle Gribskov



Buzz Williams was first introduced to off-hand blown glass while taking a class at Portland State University in 1967. Kyle Gribskov started working in stained glass, but after he met Buzz at an art fair in the early 80’s, he switched to blown glass at Alder House. Both artists have played a major roll in the art glass movement in the Pacific Northwest. Alder House Glass Studio is located just south of Lincoln City at 611 S. Immonen Road, Lincoln City, Oregon 97367.

Buzz William and Kyle Gribskov glass art alderhouse glass

Cynthia Longhat-Adams



Moving to Oregon at 22 has been a decision Cindy has never regretted. Her artistic talents began to show very young & continues to develop ever since.  Her development has led her into media of all kinds, from painting, drawing, micro scrimshaw, & wood work.  Wood working is one of her greatest pleasures.